About Us
About Us

Firat Otomotiv AS was established in 1997 and in the automotive sector,

  • Complete and parts in starter and charge group
  • Lighting group complete and parts
  • Complete and parts of heating and cooling group

It sells electronic spare parts with 96 dealers, 260 brands and 49700 product types.
Our service quality, always to increase customer satisfaction to increase our target policy is to offer the most rapid way to distribute the products we have adopted as a principle.

We believe that trust and stability are the best gains.

Our customers; b2b system with the most comprehensive product brand and varieties, as an auto electrical marketing and warehouse with strong stock level, we add strength to your earnings.

We provide service to your requests with telephone support and routine visits of our representatives.

We offer our respect to all our customers who support our company…

Bayram DEMİR
Chairman of the Board